We Always Lie to Strangers


We Always Lie To Strangers - Feature Documentary
World Premiere - SXSW 2013
Directed by AJ Schnack & David Wilson
Produced by AJ Schnack, David Wilson and Nathan Truesdell
Executive Producer - Matthew C. Mills
Executive Producers Chad Benestante, Sarah Riddick, Peter Schneider, Vicky and Willy Wilson

Starring Elisha Conner, Chip Holderman, Bill Lennon, Dan Lennon, Gail Lennon, Shirley Miller, Lloyd Presley, Raeanne Presley, Steve Presley, Joe Tinoco, Tamra Tinoco and Ryan Walton

Featuring Janet Lennon Bahler, Kathy Lennon Daris, Janet Ellis, Larry Foster, Tami Griffith, Stephanie Haygood, Canyon Holderman, Dawson Holderman, Joe Lennon, Stephanie Levario, Mimi Lennon Macias, Rachel Martin, Tony Orlando, Jim Owen, Ambrus Presley, Eric Presley, Gary Presley, John Presley, Nick Presley, Sarah Presley, Al Roker, Yakov Smirnoff, Talya Tinoco, Jay Wickizer, Andy Williams and Steve Willoughby

Five years in the making, We Always Lie To Strangers is a story of family, community, music and tradition set against the backdrop of Branson, Missouri, one of the biggest tourist destinations in America. A remote Ozark Mountain town of just 10,500, Branson hosts more than 7.5 million tourists a year and generates nearly 3 billion dollars in annual tourism revenue.

At the heart of Branson’s appeal is the more than 100 staged music shows that earned the town the monicker of "the live music capital of the world". These shows are well known for their "traditional, family" style of entertainment - no cussing, no nudity, no gambling, healthy doses of gospel and respect for veterans - and crowds from around the country, and particularly from the American midwest, flock to Branson for this "return to old fashioned values".

Directors AJ Schnack and David Wilson and Producer Nathan Truesdell spent the past five years documenting Branson and profiling four families who live and perform there. They found, as one of their subjects noted, that "Branson seems very simplistic on the outside, like you could paint it in a dozen sentences. I think you’ll find the surface truth doesn’t match the actuality."

Set against the backdrop of a country dealing with economic uncertainty and changes in attitudes on social issues, these four families form a composite both of Branson and of contemporary America.

The incredibly true story of four families in Branson, Missouri. A new film by AJ Schnack and David Wilson.